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QCARD offers an easy and quick way to create stylish and effective digital business cards using customizable templates or your own design.
We specialize in providing a fast, efficient, and effective solution for self-presentation in a dynamic and ever-changing world where business owners need to be everywhere, at any moment. Our expertise in digital, software, and information systems enables us to continuously deliver solutions that help businesses thrive.

1. Create and Design

By Yourself or Let Us Assist

2. Share with a Click

From Anywhere

3. Saved in Contacts


4. Update Details

At Any Stage and Any Time

One Solution – Endless Possibilities

Design your digital business card directly in your browser – no app download required. The system’s features will help you design your business card like professional designers.

Don’t have time to set it up yourself? You can get setup services from us.

Your Business Needs a Digital Business Card

For Organizations That Want More

For companies and organizations, we have created a unique dashboard for managing employee cards. You can duplicate cards, create custom templates, display usage data, and manage them simultaneously. Manage the system effortlessly, either by your company or with our support.

Digital Business Card

$ 54 Year
  • Self-setup with our user-friendly platform
  • 24/7 self-update and editing capabilities
  • Special discount for two-year prepayment

Digital Business Card for Companies

  • Significant cost savings
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Collection of statistical data
  • Dashboard for easy and simple management
  • Easy card maintenance with bulk uploads

Digital Business Card - Examples

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